Silver was taken off the street in Romania by Oana Sava when he was only 2 months of age. He was alone, no mother, no siblings. He was a beautiful puppy.

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Oana noticed a comment of mine on the Valgrays Group that I only wanted a small dog and put up pics of her puppies, one of whom was Silver. We fell in love with his pic and adopted him. Oana took Silver to the ‘happy bus’ heading for the UK and when he arrived at Valgrays he was poorly, he had pneumonia.

He was very happy at Valgrays and was there at the same time as April Love. They played together and made a lovely couple. We picked Silver up from Valgrays on 7 June 2014 and he was only around 5 months of age. He is a lovely boy, has a lovely temperament and he is so ‘chilled’. Oana made a comment about him when she was describing him to us prior to adoption, and said he was ‘lonely’.

Poor mite had no-one until Oana took him in and then he was thoroughly spoilt by Val and team at Valgrays where they not only made him safe, secure, loved and well cared for but helped him to become the lovely well-balanced boy that he is. THANK YOU VALGRAYS.

Silver now lives with Yvonne Ross.