I was scrolling through Facebook on a Saturday 3rd October 2015 when I saw this gorgeous pup who needed a forever home, I just knew I had to apply for him, I sent a message to Val asking for more information, I was told to fill out an application from which could be found on the website which I did immediately.
On Sunday my husband and I were out when I got a call from Val asking if I was serious about having him, she asked me several questions, I explained I already had a border collie and did agility with him and took him swimming to a hydrotherapy pool for fitness purposes , I was very excited at the thought of having this little pup in my family, she asked if I could get a couple of references which I managed to get across to her that evening…was I keen 😉

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I asked what was the next step and she said that she would arrange for visit inspection. I heard nothing for a couple of days but watched closely on Facebook at the comments about this pup, there were several people showing interest in him so I began to think that I wouldn’t be successful.

It all got too much for me so I contacted Val on the Tuesday evening to ask if I was being considered as I had seen the comments and interest in Facebook, Val told me that 32 people had applied for him, my heart sank.
I was contacted on the Wednesday evening asking if I was available for a home visit on Thursday evening which of course I was..I was very excited, Ali McCormick came to our house and gave us a thorough inspection asking all sorts of questions, I think she was here nearly 2 hours, she left at 8.30 and by 8.45 I had a call from Val to say he was mine…OMG I was so happy and excited, Val rang me on Friday morning to say he was being neuted and all being well I could pick him up on Saturday, she rang me Friday night to confirm he was fine and I could collect him on Saturday, I could not wait to meet our little pup.

We travelled to Surrey Saturday morning which seemed to take forever and there in Val’s back garden was little Otto, he was as beautiful as the pictures that had been posted.

We brought him home and he started his life with us, this week we celebrated his 1st year with us, he has brought us so much joy and happiness, he is such a funny, loving little fellow.

I have started agility with him and he loves it, he swims once a month in a hydrotherapy pool for fitness, he enjoys lovely long walks and lots of love and cuddles with everyone.

Thank you to Valgrays for rescuing him and giving me the opportunity to be his mummy, we love him dearly.

Otto now lives with Pauline Dearlove.