I just had to write to thank you and the team for making the process of adoption so easy.
We previously had the love of  our lives Lily sadly pass away couple of years ago and whilst we had a cat, the house really was still missing an integral part of our family. We previously had adopted a Collie from another rescue center and been badly affected by a very upsetting experience which really left us in some shock. This took time to heal but after discussing with Dave Squires, yourselves and the team we thought we just maybe able to try again.
What a great decision! From the ease of preparing for the inspection to getting our dear Mollie from yourself the process was easy, without pressure and at the pace to ensure we were happy and ready with. All communications were clear and discussed if we had questions we were glad to have backup in case of any teething problems (not that there were anything significant).
We had support throughout and never felt like we were alone or left to our own devices.
Mollie from the start has been an absolute delight and we are so lucky to have her, and the house feels like a home again!

Mollie now lives with Neale Francis.

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