This is the first picture I saw of Millie, she was just over a year old. I went to Mid Downs show on 2nd March 2013 to meet her, she was lovely but my next hurdle was Rollie my other Valgray rescue and to be honest it all hinged on whether he liked her. I took them for a walk together and he was a good boy. I picked Millie up the following Saturday and life has been fun.
She had some issues and still has sometimes but she is such a great dog, Rollie and her really get on and love to chase each other although she doesn’t like him to touch her toys. She is a creature of habit and loves her balls and agility.
Together we have already achieved so much, wining into grade 3, wining the rescue finals, gaining both the bronze and silver agility warrant and leading the rescue league. What ever the future holds for us, Millie will be beside me and we will have fun.

Millie now lives with Gill Bignall.

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