I had seen many dogs advertised by Valgrays but at the time I was not in a position to offer a home. My first dealings came about when I fell for a young dog called Patti now named Medea. I showed my interest in her on the Facebook page as I loved her eyes one blue and one brown.

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I had a chat with Nickie and it was a thorough chat. I live in Devon so a great distance to travel for a new family addition I was able to ask questions and was pleased to answer any questions this made me feel that Valgrays was a good rescue to work with.

Patti was homed but I had also fallen for another young lady Rosie now Theia. Well circumstances changed and on my visit Medea was back at Valrgays. I met Val and I was open to questions and was able to ask questions.

Medea was a very frightened young lady, but fell for my other dogs and jumped in the boot of my car. I guess she had chosen to come home with me which she did. Medea then and Medea now is a complete change in personality. Medea has discovered Disc Dog, nosework, HTM, Trick Training and life.

Medea now lives with Dawn.