We had been looking for another pup for a while, and when I saw our Maddie’s face pop up on the rescue site, I knew she was ‘the one’. We applied to rehome her, and was relieved and delighted when our application was accepted. There was a longish wait until we could actually have her, as she was in Romania so there was quite a lot of preparation before she could travel to the UK.

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We are so grateful to the people who fostered her during that time, so she didn’t have to go to a shelter. She was just a tiny baby! We finally collected her at the end of July, it was love at first sight ❤  She is such a sweet natured baby, and is a very much loved part of our family. We can’t imagine life without her now.

I am planning to train her for agility, as she’s a very busy little girlie, and would benefit from something energetic to do. Heartfelt thanks to Valgrays for allowing her into our hearts and lives.

Maddie now lives with Marianne Hartwell, her forever family.