Gunner Be Good of Valgrays – formally Simba – I saw him, thought long and hard about it then thought I’d missed my chance as Val said that someone was coming to see him. However, that didn’t work out so in my application went and very quickly after, cutting a long story short, he was mine.  I wish that I could say that it has been easy but bringing in an 8 month old, that would quite like to rule the world, and having 2 BC’s, (now sadly only 1),with epilepsy and a rescue GSD who had been a very naughty girl in her previous home, conspired to make it all so much more of a challenge than I bargained for!  But we stuck it out, a truce was called and acceptance that I was in charge made for a sort of harmony.  There were lots of hang ups to overcome, he can’t be in the same room if I am chopping something up and the flick of a tea towel sends him running for the gate.  Let’s just say I don’t think that his puppy life was all that it should have been.

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Gunner had been taken in by Val with his mother, a smallish merle collie, and his litter brother who looks more like a Border Collie than their mother!  Father was rehomed by the dog warden I gather. What he was I don’t know but I am constantly asked, even told, that Gunner is a BC Beardie cross but I and others are convinced that there is something else in there too-possibly where his fun gene comes from!

Gunner had had no training at all and as I wanted to compete in obedience with him this started off as a bit of challenge, he had no concept of play other than wanting to own all the toys but after about 8 months it started to come together, then the work began and with the help of some great trainers we were off to the shows, first time competing in February he came 5th behind 3 very experienced teams and it went on from there, he won 3 Novices, this can be the hardest class to win and is now making progress at the next level, Test A. He has been so successful that he has been placed 19 times out of 21 shows this year.  He is the leading rescue and crossbreed on the Obedience League too.

Gunner makes everyone laugh, he is fabulous to watch working as he has a unique style but the fact that he enjoys it shines through.  I have a new BC, Scout, sorry not a rescue as I really needed to be as sure as I could that epilepsy would not visit me again who gets on well with Gunner so much so that I have to watch out on walks or get mown down by their play.

Gunner will soon be 3, and I am looking forward to next year in the competition ring. Thanks to Val for taking him in and for letting me have him, I hope that he is making the rescue proud, he does me.

Gunner now lives with Eileen Restell.