Finn found me via Facebook in 2014. He was in a Romanian kill shelter on a video, starved, alone and terrified. He wasn’t confident enough to eat and thanks to that video, and subsequently Valgrays, Finn found his way to the UK. I picked him up at Derby, he was terrified. Unsure about everything, fear reactive & very nervous.
Finn came home and hid in a corner for most of the first month. He was not ok with unrequested approaches, touching or staring. Over time I managed to win him over, then my other half did too.
Now, over 2 years on, he’s a soft couch potato who loves his cat-like life of louging around not having to do anything at all! He sleeps in the washing basket, on the sofa, on the table – basically anywhere where he knows he isn’t really supposed to be!
We love him for his extremely stubborn, clever & down right cat-like way of life. He’s a cool dude to have in the house, that’s for sure!

Finley now lives with Jess Wealleans.

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