We have a great dog called Domino who we got from Valgrays around 5 and half years ago.  He was just a year old and had been abandoned in Ireland and then collected and put in the Pound. Val brought him over from Ireland and he was a sorry state. So thin, his bones were sticking out and his head looked too big for his body, dirty, smelly and with a nasty tummy infection.

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Val cleaned him up and fed him and we were lucky enough to see him the same weekend that he arrived at Vals. He came home with us and has never looked back. He continues to amaze us each day. He is kind, gentle, funny (a real comedian), super intelligent and sooo loving.


We can’t imagine our lives without him. He thinks he’s a Chihuahua and jumps on my lap whenever I sit in the armchair, he loves people and has made friends with people and dogs alike when go on our twice daily walks.


His favourite thing is his ball, which he will chase for ages. He comes on holiday to Spain with us every year. The Spaniards think that he is a wonder dog as he is very obedient, Spanish dogs are not!!

What more can I say. Thank you for letting us have our special boy. We love him more than we could ever say.

Domino now lives with Jan Clifton.