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In Romania..............

This is the story of the Romanian Dogs which have touched our hearts… A few months ago I was asked if we would like to help with some dogs in Romania, due to the terrible life that they were getting…we did say that so many unwanted dogs in England needed help but once the story unfolded I could not turn a blind eye….and thought to myself why not we could may be help a couple, but how do you choose….these dogs are in holding pens, they have never seen anything but horror, no grass, no leads, some had watched fellow dog mates die of starvation and also when so hungry their will eat the others which have died….the only kindness they had were from the ladies who help them daily and people who may visit..Only their hearts can tell more about their life here. The shelter life is very hard has been for many years. During the winter, sometimes below -10-15 Celsius degrees, in summer more than 38 Celsius degrees. The dogs live in the middle of the field. This is their life , the cheapest food, always unprotected. God knows how they managed to survive and be so mild and friendly.

The photos show Glina shelter, the dwelling place of Sasha and Leda for more than 6 years, we had a video sent of one of the dogs and he completely stole my heart this was to be Sasha, then lots more dogs I saw but thought how on earth do I choose, I had many sleepless nights and in these pens were around 200 odd dogs all wanting help…pleading - looking at you for hope, it broke my heart to see some lovely dogs who were dying in front of our eyes….they would have been better to be shot then to have them like this, no future, no love just waiting….anyway eventually my heart ruled my head and I decided to try and help a couple this was to turn out to be Sasha and Leda, my family thought I was mad , my friends also thought I was mad until I showed them the full story about what I wanted to do.….

With many emails and conversations we found out how this dream of helping the dogs out in Romania would actually come true….it has never been done before from this particular holding pen/pound, so with information gathered we set the task to see how this is to be done….we have a Face book page and put lots of appeals out for help, we had to get sponsors for these dogs, they needed passports, vaccines, rabies shots, blood tests, worming etc. then they need blood test for heart worm the list was never ending I personally felt that it would never happen to save both these dogs, they would end up just dying in Romania never having a chance to be happy and loved….but anyway we kept our fingers crossed and things started to move very quickly…we got sponsors for both dogs, 30 Euros for passports each - 230 Euros for each dog to come to England, both dogs we have chosen went to vets for blood test and thankfully they both came back clear - drivers were organised - ferries booked - drivers in England were at the ready were these dogs destined to have a new life! After many phones of yes it is happening, no something has gone wrong, yes it is now going ahead - I did not ever think that it would happen……BUT if you want to do things - pray like I did and follow your heart........................................





THE STORY OF FLEUR....................FACEBOOK......................................................"HELP FOR FLEUR"

FLEUR'S STORY CAN BE FOUND ON FACEBOOK - SHE HAS HER OWN PAGE "" HELP FOR FLEUR".....Fleur was mutilated in Romania where state-sponsored barbarism has been clearing the streets of strays. She was so crudely spayed her intestines were hanging out. 3 weeks into life in the UK the repair to her intestines failed. Her only chance is with the expert vets at Potters Bar. 
You can't save them all, she might lose her battle - but we think she deserves a chance.
Thanks to Fleur, people will hear of the atrocities in Romania. 
Her lovely face will make the suffering of so many others personal.
No dog should be mutilated. None should have crude wounds sewn up with string. 
No dog should be killed with paint because it's a cheaper than injecting proper veterinary drugs. Despite all the cruelty, Fleur has never given up loving humans and hoping to live for another day. 

Let Fleur's hope spread and make everyone believe that tomorrow will be a less cruel day on this earth. 
If more than is needed is raised, the money will be used by Valgrays to save others like Fleur....the link is on this page for funding for Fleur....BTmydonate....












FROZEN AND SAVED................

This is Icey, dumped and forgotten...

he was frozen, he could not walk, he could not move,

he had given up - he had no life left in him!!!!

He was hours from death!

A picture came to us of this poor dog and immediately got onto our FB Group and started an appeal to save this dog......

We decided to help him and put an appeal out for funding, just to get him out of the Hell Hole Pound...The girls in Romania got him out once we knew we had enough funding to help him....he was safe.....but he had given up he was so cold.

The girls in Romania got him into the vets and he was just so cold he could not hold his head up, then they decided to hot bath him to get some heat into him, amd he was so exhausted that he could not stand, once out of the

bath and onto some nice warm blankets he started to perk up and have a little drink, his progress improved enough for him to get a better life in England and to Valgrays, which will be on 10th February. his journey will begin

and he will never ever be so unloved as he was in the public shelter which we call hell hole..Thanks to the Girls in Romania/Vets/Carers for trusting us with him...Thanks to the general public for donating funds to help

Icey...we will up date you on his journey to England but for now he is in safe hands...

Well it is now May 2013 and what a journey we have had with Icey, he arrived with as weighing just a mere 9.2kg and was taken to our vets immediately, he was horrified, Icey was just skin and bones, with very careful diet over the next few weeks and lots of tlc Icey picked up, he slowly began to improve his weight crept up and he was much more steadier on his legs, he had lots of different baths during the time he was with us....my vet was superb with the care and advice and slowly Icey got stronger and stronger, during this time he gained many fans who followed his progress on FB, when we knew he was strong enough he started to go out for walks and wow did he enjoy this, people stopped to say is that Icey, we had a very strong following around our local village, not only was he much loved here he was loved all over the world....Icey came around to some of the dogs shows with us he loved the attention during the weeks of his care with us his weight crept up and up and now he is 14.kg...we call him our fat man....from the days of total skin and bones he is really gorgeous now, he has a super coat, shiney eyes, and has a spring in his step.....he attended a little fun dog show in April and WON the veteran class, he is lovely, he is loved and he now has a future of happiness....well this is the end result of Icey, from Hell to Heaven....he is so sweet, will do anything for food, he is also enjoying a bit of agility - i am sure he is now happy, his tail never stops wagging and he has a huge fan club of people all over the world....

Icey is so happy - he looks like a little porker now but so what he is a Happy Fat Man now and I love him so much.




Icey arrived in England on the 10th Feb. his story is on the Romanian Link.

he was put into a public shelter and his life was hell, he was frozen and had given up.

So we stepped in to help him.

When Icey arrived at Valgrays he was in a terrible state, we took him to the vets

the very next day and he weighed, 9.22kg!!!...he was totally emaciated - the vet put him on medication and

it was now down to love, tlc and good care...and food...and hoping he will fight and get better.

My vet was horrified, his teeth had gone, my vet felt he was younger then the age they told us, my vet estimated around 8 years old, the

life on the streets had took its toll on his little life....he was such a sad dog....but we got on with it and he had a nice warm bath.

and afterwards felt alot better.

This is Icey in just a week, looking and feeling better...and infact has put on 2kg...

Because he is so thin we keep him warm in coats which were donated, but one good thing is Icey has a huge

love of food, he has 4 meals a day and just loves eating..his story before he came to Valgrays is on the Rommie Page....so sad.

Icey met up with Cinder at the recent Easter Show, and they looked so happy to see each other....both looked superb - the days of hell hole pounds are now far gone and both these dogs are very much loved now.


Icey the end result of love - care - food - he is such a wonderful dog - now all he needs is a happy home with a family who will love him as much as Valgrays does.

(25.2.13) ........................2 weeks on and Icy has now put on weight and is 11.86 kgs.....shows what good food and care can do.

ll.3.13..................Icey now weighs 12.38 will up date some picture of him as soon as poss.


2.3.13.....Icey now weighs in at 13.3kg and has been castrated...he is a smashing lad now, full of bounce and wants to be loved....he is super with other dogs and lives for his tummy and food....

lst May have a look on our Hot News and see what Icey has won......




THE PUPS........(5 girls and 2 boys)

Arrive here 10th February...

they were born on the streets and people wanted to kill them

but thankfully a kind person took them into a nice shelter where

they were saved....mum as well....again we put an appeal out on

our FB group and started to get funding in and soon these lovely

Collie Pups will be with us and will need some loving homes.





DUMPED IN A BAG..........

This is Bin Bag which we call him, he is due to arrive in

England on the 10th February, just look at his little face....





Due here on the 13th January, a kind gentle collie girl

she is only very young but loves everyone.




Lovely collie boy, which came to our attention after a van load

of dogs were on their way to the meat market!..we had a picture

sent to us and it broke our hearts - so we decided to help

sadly we do not know the outcome of the dog in the meat van but we hope they all got saved.


Cinder caught our eye and we decided to help this lovely young dog.

He is very sweet and so deserves a new life in England...he is due

here on the 10th February...to a better future.

Well this is the end result of Cinder he is now happy in his new home and is also now registered with the Kennel Club, his new mummy loves him to bits and he will be loved for ever.....Cinder will not want for anything and his days of hardship are now long forgotten....

pics April 2013



This is little Nicky, he is a little Bichon x and was running as a stray for 2 months with a huge chain around

his neck, he was terrified...


he is only very young, he is safe now and the lady who is looking after him says he is calm and mild and gets along

with dogs and cats..


he is not shy anymore around people and is making a huge progress in getting to know people who are now kind to him


Nicky has learned how to walk on a lead and he has also got used to living indoors, he is house clean


Nicky is shy and still a little scarred, it takes a while until he gains trust. He will be in England on the 10th February and will be

looking for a loving home, he will be passported, vaccin. chipped and castrated.


How can you say no to this little boy.....at least now he is going to have a happy ending.



STORIES FROM 2012..............................




(October 2012)


This is LaLa my heart went out to her when I saw her picture sitting and living on a wall in a hell hole public shelter, she had had a litter of pups which all had died in front

of her....why she found herself in a public shelter I will never know but I knew I had to help her, so we offered rescue space here in England.....Anyway she arrived in England

end of September and went into foster for a couple of weeks and then eventually came to Valgrays and when I first saw her I melted, she was simple lovely, and now I've got

to know her she is fabulous, she is a joy, she is fun, she is loving, she is great with other dogs, cats, children, she bounds around - chases her tail, runs up and down the grass

as if to say I'm free and I'm now happy.....I can see LaLa in a superb family home and even maybe doing agility - she is medium size so would be fab at doing something like

agility, she is a show off but I think it is because she is so happy that she showing us in her way in saying thank you.

....from Hell to Heaven she will never have to see the horrors of Romanian Dog Pounds again......




(September 2012)


Our hearts went out to this little collie boy who was so terrified of his own breath let alone having to deal with the horrors of the Public Shelter and the life he had

been subjected to....again I will never know how a beautiful border collie could end up in such a hell hole and be treated so terrible - so we decided to help this boy

get out of Romania and get a better life.....lots of fund raising went on behind the scenes he was so scared to be touched and when you went near him he crumbled to

the ground, the pictures of him are in the shelters and as you can see it is disgusting, once we got him out of the shelters into a better place we had to get him

castrated which is the picture of him on the table.....eventually everything went to plan and Harri came over to England end of September and went into Foster

with my dear friend Ronnie as I was on holiday, I watched the updates of him and she worked wonders with him, eventually I came back home and met up with

Ronnie and collected him (Oct), and I could have cried, he had to be carried from her van to my van as he was scared and just does not know how to walk on a

lead or anything...but he is now safe at Valgrays and rehab has started...but whilst he was at Ronnies he was poorly and she had to take him to her vets, the vets

found that his internal stitches from his castration were so infected the vet had to prod around to get them out....

poor Harri, but when you look at him on the operating table in such a filthy mess no wonder he got some sort of infection,

anyway at the moment he is settled here with us and we will give you updates and pictures as progress begins.


Look at the difference in Harri now (May 2013) he does actually now walk off the lead and is much loved by

his new mummy Kate who I know very well..lucky for me I see Harri most days out walking....



(Aug 2012)


This is a dear little dog which was found living on the roads of Romania in the most appalling condition, we had the pictures sent to us and decided to help...funds were raised and eventually

with love and care from the Romanian Vets and Carers - Hope was allowed to come to England for a new life....we were very excited about helping this Ole Girl out and did not know if she

would even make the journey let alone the condition she was in....she was running alive with maggots which had eaten into her flesh as you can see by the below pictures, she was bathed

and treated and no one really knew if she would survive.



Hope as we called her seem to enjoy the attention she was getting and she just let the vets deal with the job of getting her better. She was very raw around her tail base and needed

lots of care and cleaning daily and and once the pills started to work she started to feel so much better...the dates on the photos are the dates of her treatments.

for the first time ever Hope had a blanket to lay on and some friends, she had a nice clean bowl and is such a sweet natured dog...she must have suffered so much in her life on the streets,

she had hardly any teeth and she also found it hard to walk as she was so poorly....anyway the vet cleared her for travel and all the arrangements were made for transport and we all waited

for the arrival of Hope to England.


Hope just stared all the time, she stared at the flowers, the grass, the horses, the birds she was totally in orr of this new life she was in....and this is such a

far cry from her days living on the streets in Romania......Hope is one of the lucky ones she is safe and now in a loving forever home...but sadly in Romania

are many more dogs just like Hope and we do want to help them from time to time.....if you feel you would like to donate just a few pennies we do have

a Romania Donate link at the top of this page.....it is not cheap to get these dogs better, it is not cheap to get them to England but money cannot buy the happiness that these dogs

are now getting they do not deserve the pain and suffering that they get in Romania, infact no dog deserve to suffer ever.




This is Hope in the transport vehicle which is the first time she has seen England and she just stared and took it all in...it did make me cry and eventually we were all getting upset,

the transport vehicle was surrounded by people thinking that we were selling dogs from the van and they were getting very concerned, but once we told them that these dogs have

just come from Romania for a new life then they also were in tears......anyway the pic on the right is Hope's first time on English Soil, never walked on grass life this it took her

ages to walk around my garden.

October, Hope is still doing very well and is much loved by her new mum Marian, so Hope had a happy end and it is thanks to you all for donating and helping us help these poor

dogs which would never have a chance in hell with out you....so a BIG THANK YOU.


This is Leda who was in the Romanian holding/pound pens, she had been behind fencing for most of her life, she entered this pound when she was a puppy and her life has only been there.....Leda was one of the dogs we decided to help it was

terrible to leave her friend but we knew we could not help all the dogs as this was different territory that we have ever dealt with before, we really did not know what we were letting outselves into, but we had to do something....

we also did not have the finances to do any more dogs as we only had enough

money from the sponsors to help 2 dogs this time.....Leda just wanted love, she wanted, cuddles, she craved for freedom - she wanted help, she needed us......just look at her, a lovely collie type just waiting and hoping!


This is Sasha with his love of people and his big teddy bear eyes, melted my heart and I decided that he would be the second dog that we would try and help....he was picked up off the streets and his life then had to be a daily struggle to survive,

he was a fun dog, collie x something, loved everyone, superb with other dogs and he justed wanted so much to be loved and cuddled that the staff spent lots of time with him because he craved so much for human company...his eyes showed us so much pain

and sadness that he must have watched so much horror in this pound.


This is Leda at the Vets in Romania having her check up to see if she would be sound to travel to England and start a new life, both dogs had to have a thorough vetting before this dream of mine would work.


Sasha and Leda eventually ended up clear at the vets and they had a clean bill of health and all looked super for them to travel to England........on 7th January with passports complete and veterinary clearance both dogs started their journey to

England, we were so excited, part of me kept thinking - have I done right, will these dogs adapt in England, will they survive the journey, will we ever see them...more phone calls and emails to say that the drivers are doing well, they are up on time and would

arrive in England on Saturday ( 14.l.12)...we all waited, sleepness nights just thinking about them, kennels ready, god was I doing right....more phone calls arrived in and out of our office, still the journey was doing great, then we had a call to say that

they were doing so well, that the drivers thought that it would be Friday on arrival to England.....oh.know I cant do Friday, I cant meet them, I had cancelled everything for Saturday to meet the dogs - dread filled me....done some phone calls, and thankfully my dear

friend Ronnie took everything in her stride and took over the plans for the arrival, we were told that the dogs would be in England on the Friday evening around 7pm to Midnite no confirmed times, it was just wait.....

.then mid afternoon on Friday (13.l.12) what a day to travel, negative as I was thought this is all going to go wrong.....then we received a phone call to say both dogs had touched English Soil, they were safe and sound in Dover - we were over the moon, then I thought

OMG Ronnie was expecting them that night, with frantic calls again found Ronnie

and again she dropped everything to sort the meeting and collections of these dogs.....eventually from Dover they were delivered to Ronnies for the night and then they stayed the night and then in the morning they were being driven to Valgrays the next day....

The pictures below are of Leda and Sasha, the first time ever to stand on English Soil, it had happened, they were now going to have the love they both deserved, in time the memorys of what they have witnessed will go and one day they will have the

homes which they both deserve...but for the time being they are now happy just chilling and this story will continue over the next few days and weeks as to the progress of these 2 very special dogs from the Hell Hole of Romanian Dog Pounds to now

Happy at Valgrays who will support and care and love them and give them the best of the best.......

If you feel that you would like to help with the up keep of both these dogs we would be so grateful, or even if you may think that your home is going to be special for them, then please make contact with us.....one day the dogs which we had to leave behind

if we can find sponsors again we will most definately help more...because the joy myself - my friends - the sponsors have felt in saving these 2 special dogs we all feel we will do it again in a few months.....please watch this space as updates on both

Sasha and Leda's journey will be published...........

Update:....22nd January 2012 well Sasha and Leda arrived at Valgrays just over a week ago and although very confused they handled the hand over very well...Sasha was totally shell shocked but Leda was like a little girl in a sweet shop.

She was looking everywhere, sniffing the ground, not sure about walking on the grass, confused in how to walk on a lead, we got them both settled in our empty stable so that they can adjust and unwind....the first night they both got into a

howling contest to see who went on the longest....eventually I had to go up and say enough, please try to have a sleep (3 am) ..and from then on I have not heard a peep out of them.....they have been so very good, eating well, and slowly coming

out of their little shells....I left them to chill for a couple of days then decided to have a challenge!!!...BATH..and grooming day.



Well bath day arrived and Sasha did no think very much of it he gave me that look as if to say I dont like it...but Leda again loved it, the more she was handled and scrubbed the more she was in heaven.

Marian my dear friend helped with the washing and grooming and it took us just a short time to make them both look pretty, clean and so much more nice to smell and cuddle.

We have a cabinet dryer, so in they both were put, and as you can see they did not mind it...Leda and her devil eyes was loving all this attention - Sasha he just went along

with the pace and decided to go with the flow and 'put up' with all this posh stuff being done to him.


Once they were dry they had a lovely groom, and the end result was super...Leda's coat had static and as you can see she was electric, her hair stuck on anything which passed her

Sasha just took it all in...he could not understand why he had to be clean and all this nonsense going on....this dog when you get to know him you can read his eyes and he actually talks

to you with them....when he arrived he had such sadness but over the last week he has become a much brighter....after the bath they looked superb, both coats came up really soft and they

were like a couple of teddy's now to cuddle....I think Sasha deep down enjoyed the attention, but hey he is a boy, and boy dogs are tuff!!!!!..make overs are for the girls.....



Well out of the dryers and back into the stable all clean and dry, Sasha pretends to look unsure of things but he loved his new bed and so did Leda....Leda felt like a spring chicken and so wanted him

to play, she kept poking at him and pushing him to play with her and his expression was " for god sake girl" leave me alone....lol....they settled down for the night and the story will continue.....

Update...lst Feb 2012

Well both these dogs have come along way now, they are happy and content and both enjoying marrow bones, their life from the days of the Romanian Shelter have now long gone and life in England has much more to offer.

They are both such dear kind dogs and I am very fond of them both.



Love this picture below, both now out walking - as my friend said "On wards and up wards" and that is what is happening. we have heard that the Romanian Shelter is in the coldest winter possible now, and many dogs

have died in the snow conditions. Many helpers are digging the dogs out of snow drifts higher then our houses, it must be terrible - folk have also lost their lives...My thoughts go out to you all.

We had this beautiful poem sent to us and it totally sums up both of these dogs:

A LIGHT IN THE DARK: by Andy ( Shaz Adams )

with thanks.....beautiful, hankie at the ready.............

We are Sasha and Leda, and we lived in kennels

Made of not to good wood and ill fitting panels

We are lucky we think....we live..we survive

But our friends by the dozen did not ...and they died

In Winter it drops sometimes 15 below

And we struggled to keep ourselves out of the snow

We would dig as it fell, and then we would huddle

But many died trying, with their lives in much trouble

In Summer though it went through the roof

With the temperature making 38.......phew!!

But we still ate cheap food, and had no real shield

Our kennels, protection left out in a field

A video we made, and we then sent it out

With 200 of us on it pleading for help

In time it was watched by our now life long pal

A woman of conscience, a woman called Val

Her family and friends thought her totally mad

But the video they saw, and like her they were sad

On facebook it went, so that others might see

The horror endured by Leda and me

Val asked then for help, and with sponsorship to

The response was amazing from each one of you

There were rabies shots, passports and vaccines to get

And blood tests and worming with money you sent

The passports she needed were 30 Euro

And a further 230 for us just to go

Then the red tape was cut and ready or not

The ferries were booked and drivers were got

Leda like many knew nothing but strife

Behind fencing since puphood and most of her life

Leda is Collie and needs love and needs help

To be wanted and cuddled and freed from this hell Me,

I am Sasha and have teddy bear eyes

I was caught on the streets where I barely survived

I am Collie cross something and love everyone

But I have seen horror, so my eyes show no fun

Our worming and blood tests are clear, we’re on song

But there is still to much time for it all to go wrong

There are nights of no sleep for Val for her toil

As she fears we may still not set paw on your soil

We made it! We’re here, confused and un-sure

Happier by miles with green grass at our paws

We are not used to leads and are housed in a stable

Where we howl ‘til the morn as thanks to our saviour

Val says it is bath day....looks like some fun

It is quite hard to say...we have never had one!

I Leda, I loved it and want one again

But Sashas’ not keen and will likely refrain

We sleep in new beds and have marrowbones too

We are warm and alive and we owe this to yo

For you showed that you care, for others not greed

And allowed Val to help us, and yes to succeed

Leda has new home in Essex with Joyce

Who gives love and affection, warmth, food and toys

I Sasha am still with Val and new friends

Where I stand on my kennel, and look over the fence

You had snow here, and you say its deep, i’m surprised

For deep is when it is over my eyes

To me it reminds me, of my friends, those who fell

In squalid conditions, in a Romanian hell!!!!

But here I stay, and it ticks all the boxes

Though I think I will still have to sort out those foxes

I am not sure of Moo, and 2 other facts

Children I love....but god I hate cats!!!!

And if you should find you are loaded with cash

Send it to Val to add to her stash

It all helps and gives her some much needed clout

To hopefully get some more of us out



Darling Sasha the finished result of love and care, he is now really happy and loves being out and about with me and the other dogs....he is now ready for a new home and would make a super companion for

someone who is at home, he would benefit a great deal with other dogs as well...he is superb with children but not cats.

Well here they are now all happy - clean - content...they are such wonderful dogs needing now forever homes.

And talking of new homes Leda has now found a loving home in Essex with Joyce who is over the moon with her and Leda has settled very well into domestic life indoors.

When you think of all the years she had living on pallets in the Shelter...I am so happy for Leda, Valgrays gave her the chance which she would never would have had if she

had stayed in Romania. Thank you Joyce.

Up date: 2.2.12 - well Sasha seems to have wormed his little self into Vals heart and the things he gets up to just makes everyone laugh every day, we cannot believe that no one has offered him

a home as yet....he has such a wonderful character.....he loves standing on the kennel roof and looking over our fence, we are not sure if he is on the look out for food to arrive! or he is

on guard for Fox's, if I remember this is how many of the dogs were in Romania just standing on roofs and just looking, hoping for help - who knows but Sasha just loves being on look out,he

loves being in on all the action, horse shows he thought he would try a bit of horse riding, when the snow was here he loved it, we took the lovely Valentine Pic of him and look at that lovely

snow flake, it was a heart.....Sasha just does not care what comes his way in life - he loves and thrives his everyday living, he is always ready to meet and greet everyone, his tail never

stops wagging......

lst April....I have decided to keep Sasha and not rehome him, he has had such a terrible life and is so settled now with myself and family and we cannot bear to let him go, he is Valgrays Masgot for all the other Romanian Dogs which

need our help...he is special, he is loved, he is a monkey, but we all love him so much, he now has his own Face Book Page and we also have been offered a story book which is due soon to be written.

Sasha has found his home with me and my family, but our quest is still going to continue to help the poor sad dogs in Romania living in the hell hole prisons like Sasha was once living....and believe me if you can save one of these

dogs from the Hell Hole - they give you so much love back, they are so appreciated for just that one cuddle, and some food....so please help us to help these dogs...please donate.


SASHA'S DAY OUT AT SCRUFF'S....................................




Well we know Sasha is Top Man - but just thought we would add a couple more pics.....he loves playing at agility and posing.....(June 2013) Sasha is loved so much

by myself but i have to share him with thousands of fans as well.....Sasha is a clown he makes me laugh every single day....


Valgrays Sasha - Poem by Gary Tuck.

July 2012

I hate this weather and getting dressed up,

I don’t like the wet,

I hate walking in the mud,

But I do love it here,

and if I could,

I would call out the sun and dry up all the mud!

OOOOh I’m Romanian!

OOOOh I love my new home!

OOOOh I’m Romanian!

OOOOh Don’t like the wet though!

No No No! If I get a chance I’ll be over the fence,

Chasing wabbits away again,

And if there’e some toys to chew,

I bet I can chew it better than you!

OOOOh I’m Romanian!

OOOOh I love my new home!

OOOOh I’m Romanian!

OOOOh Don’t like the wet though!

No No No! Can’t wait to see my new friend Hope,

Such a long journey,

but there you go,

It’s worth it to have such a loving home,

Where there’s no end of toys and juicy bones!

OOOOh I’m Romanian!

OOOOh I love my new home!

OOOOh I’m Romanian!

OOOOh Don’t like the wet though!

No No No!






We are now on our next mission to save the below dogs from Romania - both were bound and gaged and dumped in a Forest - we are hoping that the one on the left will soon be safe and sound

with us here at Valgrays.....thank you to the sponors who have helped save this dog....watch this space as updates will follow:-................(the one on the right is going to SOS Rescue)

if you would like to help Valgrays save these dogs and you feel you would like to help in some small way we would be very grateful....xxxx...Please donate.

Well we took the chance got the sponsor and Patsy arrived at Valgrays a very terrified dog, once she had a bit of food and a good sleep she was a little treasure, she is very shy of new people,but does not have

an ounce of malice in her, she has gone over to a foster home now and is being shown what family life is all about.....once she gets to know you she is the sweetest dog you could ever want to own.

How on earth can anyone have treated her in such a bad way in Romania just makes me sick...in time Patsy will learn to trust and will make a superb family dog.....she adores other dogs so eventually a

home with another dog/s will certainly be the home we will be looking at......

Patsy has come along in leaps and bounds and is such a loving gentle dog, she is scared of new people especially when they walk up to her but if they are slow and gentle she is fine, she adores all the other dogs,

my friend Emma has been fostering her - getting her used to home life and she has taken that very well....this poor dog the life she had but now it is onwards and upwards.....with lots of love and care and gentle

handling Patsy will find her forever home...gone are the days now of the hell she was in - she has only kindness now and she is totally lapping it up......more to follow.

22nd March....Patsy turned out to be a superb little dog and

has now been homed to a lovely family who totally adore her - they gave her that chance and she has rewarded them with so much love, well the first night she decided to do a runner and

gave everyone nightmares, massive search party out but thankfully in the early hours she was found under a bush in a neighbours garden, phew!!!!

....Take a look back at her pictures in Romania - bundled in that van, the pain and

fear both dogs were in to getting the chance to come to England for a better life - and this was done only by YOU - who donated and helped these dogs....A Massive Thankyou.



22nd March - Oh. dear the worst possible thing I do is look at these poor dogs in Romania Death Camp....my head says no, but my heart gives in...in the next few weeks we are going to help Eve and Darwin from the

Hell that they are living in....we have had some wonderful response from our Face Book page and donations have come in to help....but we always need more, when the dogs arrive in England they need

lots of care, they do come with passports and medical clearance but we always isolate and give them chance to settle and get some love put back into them...feeding has to be done slow - and then of course

eventually we will have to find them wonderful loving homes....and believe me these dogs make superb pets as they are so grateful for any human contact..one little stroke and they just melt into your arms.

They long to be loved, they longed to be saved and this is our mission to give them a better chance...With your support we can do this....do watch this space and we will update you all on the progress

of these dogs and eventually the arrival of them here in England....please Donate to help us to help these dogs....thank you....x






25.3.2012.....Dear Darwin was another dog we saw in the Romanian Hell Hole....thankfully with the kindness of you all we managed to get him out and he came over to

England a couple of weeks ago...he was in a terrible state, he could not stand, he was so thin, he was shell shocked.....



Well look at him now 2 weeks on and looking so much better, he is in a foster home at the moment and once his condition has improved he will be looking for a new home, someone to love

him, to care for him and let him know that he will never want for anything ever again.

He has gained some weight and has started to want to play with some toys...he is gentle, kind, loving dog and whoever adopt's him will get a smashing dog with a nature to die for, which is

totally amazing considering the terrible life he had to live with...update May 2012....Darwin is really improving on a daily basis and we have some wonderful news in as much as our foster home

has fallen in love with him and is going to keep him forever.....this is such fabulous news but not so good for us because that's another foster home now full.....lol

But what a a wonderful end to a very sad dog bolt holed up in the Hell Hole life he had in Romania.





It is with deep sorrow and sadness we have to announce the loss of Darwin, he was in so much pain from the beatings he received in Romania that the vet here in England found his discs in his neck were shattered....Dawn our fosterer for Darwin gave him a lovely comfortable life and he learnt that people did love him although it was a short time he found happiness he could not carry on and suffer - so Dawn made the decision with our agreement to let him run free at Rainbow Bridge.....







April 2012......Well this is Eve, living in Hell Hole Prison, but thanks to you we have managed to secure a safe house for her in Romania and shortly she will be coming over to England to get a better life.

She is a scared little girl, but once you know her she is really sweet, she has had a terrible life in these conditions...dogs should not have to live like this, it is a disgrace to Romania

to have such terrible dog pounds...but hopefully life will be getting better for her, and we will keep you updated on her progress. Her arrival should be end of April, so fingers crossed that all goes well.

29th April Eve arrived in England she went over to my friends who fostered her for a few days until she could eventually get to me. Anyway Eve arrived with me on the 4th May, a very scared little dog,

my friend Ronnie who I have to thank so much in caring for her made her few days so comfortable and so did Robbie who teased her to play with her....we were told that she may be in pup? which

we dreaded, but she soon went to the vets and was scanned and thankfully she was not in pup....Eve will be getting spayed and in the next few weeks we will be looking for a superb forever home for

her she will need lots of TLC and lots of understanding, what we have found with Eve she has not got one nasty bone in her body - but she is just confused and with this very big new world she has now found

herself in...it will take time but give her a few months and you will see a happy dog and a loyal dog who will reward you with so much love...trust me I know that what I am saying is fact.

I took Sasha on and he is a total delight now and I would not part with him for the world...





To get these dogs from Romania takes alot of organising and so many people are behind the scenes to get this to happen...it is not as

easy as some may think....when they are in the Hell Hole pounds we have to get sponsers to get them out, then they go into Public Shelters for many days, vet checked, vaccins, passports to be sorted.

Then the travel to England we have to fund raise for - but at the end of all this - just look at the dogs faces...so far we have saved many Romanian dogs and everyone has had a superb ending. These dogs

are so grateful, they want to be saved, they want to be loved and all they need is just a lucky break in life - and this is what we plan to do....we need funds to do this we need you to help us help these poor

unwanted dogs.....

This is Eve at Valgrays in a nice warm secure loving place, gone are the days of the dreaded pound, living on just a wooden pallet, gone are the days for her wondering when her next meal would be,

gone are the days of the abuse of some of the fellow workers Eve is now in a better place - she has been saved by people who love and care about the fate of these poor dogs....