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Thank you for joining our web site and we hope that you enjoy reading the many stories about the dogs and animals that we have saved and the ones which we are trying to save..

for up to date information Hot News - stories - then join our group on Face Book Valgrays Border Collie Rescue....also we have lots of other great groups and Help for Fleur which I am sure that you have now heard and read about this beautiful dog, who has stole the hearts of the world.....Thankfully the winter is now pass and we have had some lovely sunny days, lets hope it continues.







Woody - Sky - Moo - Crumpet

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I would like to say thank YOU, to the many Valgrays owners, in giving our wonderful collies/xb/abc a chance in life.

Send in pictures, do some stories for the website and last but not least help the rescue dogs.

I would like to spare a moment to remember my wonderful mum and dad in the support they gave me over the many years, driving them mad about what and how can I take in and rescue, right down to 2 legged frogs, which I put on the table and remember it jumped on my mums toast.   She screamed at my Dad to try and get some order into me.  So when I was 6 years he got me a pony, and naturally I took that into the house!!!!

Anyway, thanks  to my daughter Vikki who moaned that the dogs were always fed before her (she knows her place);   my partner Keith who puts up with (when trying to watch football)  barking dogs, telephones ringing etc etc.  But I put up with his beloved GSD'S who drops hair every single day of the year and Teddy who just loves puddles and mud!!!!

Wendy & John Barker over in Harlow who take most of the telephone calls, to Lynn Stangle in Banbury who again takes the calls. Marian O'Neill who is my left hand, without her I would be confused!!!!, a massive thanks also to Nic Nic who has got our web site back up and working and teaching me how to do some of the Gina who does the dog grooming and to the many volunteers who pop in and out to help, so with this small band of friends Valgrays is run in a way which is friendly and happy which give the rescue dogs a wonderful relaxed place here to stay.

The last important person is Chris May who listens to me on a daily basis, who helps with the paperwork, sorts the finances out and generally is a person/friend that everyone would wish to have in their life.

In running any rescue is always hard work and we as a small charity are always so desperate for FUNDS, without funding we cannot help these dogs, we cannot pay for veterinary work, feeding, general please if you have some funds and you are not sure of where to put them - then please think of Valgrays who are so desperate to keep helping the unwanted dogs.

So just to finish a  BIG THANK YOU  to you all and enjoy this site.

All the best .... Val Phillips






Thank you for visiting 

 Valgrays Border Collie Rescue Site   

 Border Collie's are such special dogs, they deserve special owners  

  • Please take a look at all of our deserving dogs and see if a small space can be found in your house for one of them, as they will surely take up a huge space in your heart when they arrive.   
  • Collie's need education and usually like a 'job' to keep them 'sane'.  
  • Some of the collies Valgrays have would be suitable for all fields of dog sports and hobbies;   Agility, Obedience, Flyball, Working Trials, Extreme Walking  etc,  but the most important thing is that they are a loved and well cared for pet. 
  • When you get a collie and find a new hobby then you will be amazed at the new friends you will make along the way. 
  • All the Border Collies offered here have been assessed and all will be wormed and microchipped before going to their new homes.  
  • Neutering will be done according to the age of the dog involved.
  • Valgrays is a 'tiny' rescue based around Val's own property, we pride ourselves on being small and personal. 
  • Valgrays relies totally on donations to keep rescuring these dogs - please help us to keep helping them .. please donate if you are able (see 'To donate/help')
  • We have many donate buttons throughout this site so please be kind with pennies and pounds - it will help us to help mans best friend. Thank you.,
  • Romanian appeal....please donate and help this terrible situation...we will do everything we can to support and bring back some of these poor dogs to give them a better life.

And talking of dogs and dog sports - don't forget to visit (click on boxes below to go to the sites):





Please everyone - MICROCHIP your dog (rescue or not) - if your dog gets lost, it could end up in a pound and put to sleep after the compulsory 7 days - YES THIS DOES HAPPEN!   7 days is NOT enough time to find your beloved dog.  If they are chipped they will be safe and back with you.  Its easy, relatively cheap to do (Val can do it if you want!) and could save your dogs life!!!   Also always get your dogs microchip checked when at the vets for any check ups - chips are not infallible they can fail - so make sure yours is working OK at each vet visit - also remember to update your records with the microchip company if you move - this is vital too!  

Puppies and Puppy Farming - see our 'links' page for more info on this

Also see links page: ( see links page If you really want a puppy rather than a rescue dog .. please consider the following: 

When I look back on Lady's little five puppies (born at Valgrays 06/02/09) I think 'how lucky they have been' .. they have been fed, cared for, played with, enjoyed nice conditions and I have loved every minute of it ... but when I think of the poor little puppies and breeding bitch's in some horrible 'puppy farm' outlets it makes me so upset.

If anyone out there is thinking of buying a puppy, please contact the Kennel Club for a list of registered breeders, but even when you visit these breeders check things out (as per underlined section here).  Do not buy from ads in the paper or from ANY breeder (recommended or not) if you cannot thoroughly check out pups, mum, dad and where they have been kept and how they have been cared for and socialised.  Pet shops and large chain stores sell puppy farmed pups - do not support them.  No proper breeder will 'meet you in a carpark with a pup'.  No proper breeder will ask you to take more than one pup from the litter.  No proper breeder will sell you a pup without asking you some questions.  No proper breeder will 'produce a pup' from 'out back' to offer you.  See all pups with mum, are they hiding in corners (or even is mum hiding?), are their eyes & coat clean and are they lively/healthy/interested in you?  If you see any signs of extreme nervousness, gungy eyes, filthy conditions, lethargic uninterested pups - no matter how much you want a pup - no matter how 'sorry for it' you may feel - walk away.  If you buy one you will be encouraging the trade and suffering of the mothers and puppies.  Please think about where you get a pup from, don't help puppy farmers make the mother of the pups life hell ... see our links page for information on puppy farming.  Click on logo below to go to an anti puppy farming website:

About Valgrays Border Collie Rescue - Based in Surrey

Valgrays Border Collie Rescue was established in 1978 and is a registered charity (number 1088503)

Valgrays Border Collie Rescue are based in, Surrey

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